Broken leg

If you are a photographer, or do anything as a freelancer, or are self employed. Don’t break yer ankle! (and get yourself loss of earnings insurance)

These images are representing my 8 days in Woolwich hospital. I had to stay on a ward until the swelling around my ankle went down enough. I then had to undergo surgery to repair the bone, which included having a metal splint and a bolt fitted. I now have approximately six weeks of non weight baring, before I can slowly start to use my leg again. 

I should say a big thank you to the nursing staff at the hospital, who are fighting against all sorts of issues and problems before they even start to worry about nursing. From the experience I had and from what I could see the biggest problem facing the NHS is dementia. In my ward, there were at any time at least two dementia patients who needed almost constant care (Bare in mind I was in a medical ward which is usually used to keep patients who are awaiting surgery) Its an awful disease, not knowing where they were, why they were there and what was happening to them made them extremely agitated. And at some points aggressive and violent, only for the whole process to be repeated a few hours later, 24 hours a day. 

It must be exhausting to have to be responsible for people suffering from this as well as having to carry out all of the other duties expected of hospital staff. 

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