Small Town Lockdown

The set of images above are an expression of being locked in and looking out from a restricted point of view. Finding patterns, shapes and seeing pretend landscapes in the average small town structures as a form of escapism. All of these are taken at night when it feels safer to be wondering around the town and as there are less people, this adds to the feeling of solitude. Sometimes I don’t even see a single other person, although in some shots there are people, just hidden away inside the buildings. 

The project has developed in to a way of seeing the town I live in from a different point of view, see new views I haven’t recognised before even though Ive been here for 16 years. I was always looking elsewhere and never really gave this place any thought or time. My head was turned by a desire to find and show something different. 

Im going to expand this project in a different way possibly bringing it even closer to home.. 

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