The Darkest building on earth.. This structure was designed by Asif Khan architects for Hyundai. It was they're pavilion at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The building was coated VBX 2 which absorbs 99% of light. 

It was by far the coldest environment I have ever worked in, with the daytime temperature hovering around -11. The air was extremely dry and with almost no wind it made it bearable to be outside for a period of time. 

Shooting this pavilion was a really interesting challenge, as I wasn't looking for details or structural elements, rather capturing the darkness and the feeling of looking in to the void. 

It was very interesting to move around the project and capture it with some of the local surroundings framing it. especially the contrast of the hazy blue mountains in the background and the extreme black of the pavilion. 

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