Harlow railway footbridge

An architectural flourish over the marshes and railway in Harlow, Essex. Surprising to see something public and functional looking so interesting. Modern versions rarely share the same level of visual care and attention. 

Apparently this was designed and built along with the station, which is about half a mile from this site. 


Temporary or permanent, the new socially distant ways of living are going to have an effect.

Spaces we inhabit, both physical and digital, will become even more critical to our mental wellbeing. 

The real experiences of the world around us are being temporarily reduced, our viewpoints narrowed and with our reliance on the digital world increased. Might there be a far more acute practice with our digital experiences and time.

There is an irony that so much of my work involves travelling to and experiencing new places in the real world which are then viewed primarily in the cyber environment. 

Broken leg

If you are a photographer, or do anything as a freelancer, or are self employed. Don’t break yer leg! (and get loss of earnings insurance)

These images are representing my 8 days in Woolwich hospital. I had to stay on a ward until the swelling around my ankle went down enough. I then had to undergo surgery to repair the bone, which included having a metal splint and a bolt fitted. I now have approximately six weeks of non weight baring, before I can slowly start to use my leg again. 

I should say a big thank you to the nursing staff at the hospital, who are fighting against all sorts of issues and problems before they even start to worry about nursing. From the experience I had and from what I could see the biggest problem facing the NHS is dementia. In my ward, there were at any time at least two dementia patients who needed almost constant care (Bare in mind I was in a medical ward which is usually used to keep patients who are awaiting surgery) Its an awful disease, not knowing where they were, why they were there and what was happening to them made them extremely agitated. And at some points aggressive and violent, only for the whole process to be repeated a few hours later, 24 hours a day. 

It must be exhausting to have to be responsible for people suffering from this as well as having to carry out all of the other duties expected of hospital staff. 


Most people are thinking about the weather at this time of year. The nights a closing in and temperatures are dropping, or should be, and the rain becomes a more regular occurrence, especially in the UK!

Light is probably at its best for photography at this time of year, with the sun staying lower in the sky. Dramatic weather and beautiful colour on the trees all come together to create a powerful and enigmatic backdrop to any architectural project. 

Hopefully I will be able to share some more projects I am being commissioned to shoot over the next few months. 



Its the 50th anniversary of the luna landings, and there has been allot of media attention directed towards NASA’s achievement. My children and I have been fortunate enough to have a fairly decent home telescope to play with in the back garden, and over the last few years we have managed to capture some amazing shots of the moon. 

But last night, we managed to capture this shot of Jupiter and some of its moons. 

This image was taken with my canon 5DSR, handheld, looking through the view finder of the telescope. 

I wonder if, through technological advances, the ability to easily view the middle reaches of our solar system will have some sort of effect on how we see ourselves within the universe? and possibly give us a sense of our fragility and loneliness and the importance of looking after the miraculous planet we live on. 

Designs of the year 2017

Designs of the year award exhibition

Designs of the year award exhibition

Designs of the year award exhibition

Designs of the year award exhibition

Earlier this week I was commissioned to photograph the Beazley Designs of the year award exhibition at the Design Museum. 

The show features work such as the Pussy Hat, Refugee national flag and the Nike Pro Hijab. 

Carmody Groarke architects design the exhibition, and created a cave like environment using pulped newspaper. 

Autumn 2017

Early in September I visited the new hotel by Another Place, at Ullswater in the Lake District. I will post a page of shots from the shoot over the next few months, but in the meantime I want to share this image of the beautiful  twisting road leading to Howtown. I love the shapes that are made by the combination of man made structures and the landscape combined. 

Aberrant Light

We all like to capture the world around us in unique and intriguing ways. Showing otherwise mundane and normal views, and capturing them in a way which gives a new sense of atmosphere and feeling. The twilight view, where low light plays tricks on the eye and mind. Its never the same.
This is a series of vignettes, looking through a wooden box, with only the sun and a pinhole to project the scene on to the paper. The cold and steely print might might seem like an image of mid winter. Whereas many of these were taken in stark sun.
These images were taken on hand cut paper neg, developed in chemical trays under the stairs.
The combination of long exposure, paper neg, and a lack of lens sharpness helps give a natural grounded image.  

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